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Devoted Creations - Mermaid Majesty

Devoted Creations - Mermaid Majesty
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This Mer-mazing formula drowns your skin in vitamin rich Hawaiian Seaweed, Starfruit and Sea Buckthorn Berry for a replenished and hydrated complexion. The dark bronzers and cooling sensation keep you refreshed and bikini bronzed.

- Perfectly hand crafted DHA bronzer to allow for just from the beach color every time.

- Counteracts orange tones in skin to provide deepest bronzed results with Blue Tansy flower extract.

- Hawaiian Seaweed & Starfruit provide powerful antioxidants and nutrient rich skin conditioners.

- Sea Buckthorn Berry.

- Cooling essence to give the body a fresh feel after each tanning session.

Fragrance: Sea Island Sparkle

Size: 12.25 oz
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