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Ed Hardy - Wild Fling Black Bronzer

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This Beyond Bold Black bronzer will hydrate and condition the skin as well as give you that catwalk color you have been craving! Blended with Antioxidants and skin tightening ingredients,

DHA, Natural and Cosmetic Bronzers blend together for a deep immediate and delayed bronzing result.

- MelanoBronze - Stimulates melanin activity to allow for longer lasting, darker tanning results.

- Caffeine and Green Tea Extracts - Energize, firm and tighten the skin.

- Witch Hazel - Helps to reduce the appearance of pores, reduce inflammation and tighten the skin.

- Sugar Cane, Acai Berry & Pomegranate extract - Super fruit anti-aging antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

- Cocoa Powder - Boosts the elasticity of your skin, making it supple and youthful.

- Macadamia Extracts and Almond Oil - Naturally keeps skin hydrated.

Fragrance: Wildberry Rush

Size: 10 oz
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