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Devoted Creations - Metaphoria Bronzer

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- High levels of DHA, Natural & Cosmetic bronzers for immediate deep, long lasting bronzed results.

- Contains natural anti-inflammatory agents to calm irritated skin as well as comedolytic and bacteriostatic properties that soothe skin imperfections while helping to prevent acne and excess oil on all skin types.

- Vitamin B5 helps to maintain smooth, soft skin by stimulating the healing process to deeply absorb moisture agents to maintain softness and elasticity.

- Works to strengthen skins moisture barrier to maintain optimal hydration levels as well as protect by helping to seal out harmful environmental elements.

- Works to improve the complexion by balancing the skins natural barrier and helps to influence the speed and regrowth of healthy skin while repelling the environmental conditions that cause inflammation.

- Counteracts the signs of cellulite by improving skin elasticity, while also tightening toning and firming.

- Tattoo & Color Fade Protecting Technology

Fragrance: Lunar Escape

Size: 13.5oz
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