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Designer Skin - Mayhem Tingle Bronzer

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- Caramel imparts immediate color to the skin that compliments the red tones from the Hissing Heat Technology for a beautiful, balanced bronze while DHA works to build deep, even color.

- Tingle technology designed to increase microcirculation in the skin, revealing a sultry flush while helping to accelerate color development.

- Contains skin hydrating ingredients, Hissing Heat delivers darker-looking, glistening color.

- Helps to improve elasticity and the overall appearance of the skin.

- Formulated with silicones to easily glide on the skin while leaving a silky, light after-feel.

- Helps to protect skin by improving barrier function and is packed with fatty acids and nutrients for intense hydration to allow for a deeper tan.

Fragrance Blackberry Bite

Size 13.5oz
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