Designer Skin - Valor Tanning Intensifier Zoom

Designer Skin - Valor Tanning Intensifier

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- Designed to help protect all tattoos with botanical extracts to prevent fading. Licorice and Green Tea Extract were specially selected for their antioxidant and photo-protective properties.

- Assists in restoring and promoting skin health. It helps to form a skin barrier to retain moisture while leaving a non-greasy feel.

- Combines Thyme Leaf Water and Oil, Bark Extract, and Green Tea Extract to prevent the breakdown of elastin and assist in collagen production for a more youthful-looking appearance.

- Contains silicone formula that promotes hydrated and soft skin.

- Protect yourself from ATO with the help of Cedarwood and Cypress.

- Algin and Magnesium promotes melanin synthesis.

Fragrance: Confidence

Size: 13.5oz
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